The Travel Concierge: A Lifesaver for Business and Leisure Travelers

Is a travel concierge right for you?

There’s no disputing the fact that Florida is a very popular destination for both business and leisure travelers.  Central Florida (in particular, metropolitan Orlando) is growing at an astounding rate.   We’re seeing a consistent surge of both expansion and new growth in themed attractions, accommodations, cultural centers and convention spaces.  Events – such as weddings, sporting events and festivals – are also bringing people to Florida in large numbers.florida travel photo

If you find yourself planning a trip to Florida, it’s very helpful to research the city (cities) you will be visiting.  It’s easy to find local chamber of commerce sites as well as an array of travel blogs offering listings, reviews and ratings. However, these sites can leave readers feeling overwhelmed – it’s simply too much information for most people to digest.   I have experienced the frustration more times than I care to recount; suffice it to say that planning via online resources is time consuming and confusing.   For example, trying to determine “should I rent a car?” which leads to the subsequent question of “where will I park and how much will it cost?“.  (Call me crazy; I like to be prepared.)  I also enjoy walking when I travel alone, but wonder “what is the safest route?“.  When I travel with the family, everything becomes exponentially more complex and takes twice as long – a simple errand can potentially backlog the family’s entire agenda.  Inevitably, by the time said trip is ending I’ve compiled a long list of “things I wish I’d known“.

Perhaps instead of being obsessive like me, you are quirky.  I would be remiss for not mentioning quirky travelers – like my friend Kat who packs her own bedding and towels (truth).   I get it though; we like what we like – so it’s cool.   If you relate to what I’m saying, then you’ll surely understand the value of a Lifestyle Travel Assistant.

A Lifestyle Travel Assistant is a travel concierge and personal assistant rolled into one!

We excel in guest services, and focus on assisting you personally – via phone, email, and text.  You can work with us prior to your trip to discuss plans and logistics.  We’ll recommend restaurants, activities and must-see attractions based on your interests.  We can plan and coordinate everything from an intimate anniversary dinner to a family reunion.  And if you’re traveling on business, we can help you navigate the local scene and keep your agenda on track.

If you’re unsure how a Lifestyle Travel Assistant can benefit you during your stay in Florida, consider the following:vacation and travel concierge - grocery delivery

  1.  Stock your vacation home, condo or villa with groceries and other necessities to make your stay more comfortable.  We save you hours of valuable time by shopping and delivering items directly to your home-away-from-home.  Not to mention, if you are planning a stay of four to seven days or more, your packing list can be reduced significantly.
  2.  Bring the fun to birthday parties and special occasions with just one call.  We know many traveler’s enjoy celebrating special occasions during their stay.  Let us handle the important details and organize everything needed to make it a memorable event. Often requested items include custom cakes and cup cakes, flowers, balloons, and gift baskets.  And let’s not overlook the element of surprise – which is priceless!
  3.  Bypass beach day burnout:  Suddenly, everyone wants to go to the beach!  Sounds like you’re going to need beach towels, a cooler, snacks, tanning lotion, sunblock … and the list goes on.  (Oh my!) That’s why we offer Beach Trip Kits stocked with everything needed for a relaxing day of fun in the sun! We can also provide information on favorite Florida beaches, travel directions and places of interest nearby.
  4.  Dependable local ally for business travelers:  We cater to you, while you focus on servicing your client.  After all, the most successful managers and executives understand that delegating tasks to their team is the best way to maximize productivity.   Think of us when you need assistance setting up a trade show booth, managing errands, or accomplishing time sensitive tasks.  Additionally, we offer registration staffing and meeting coordination.
  5.  Customized experiences for every lifestyle:  From hot air balloons to air boats to jet skis – we can direct you to unique activities to satisfy your adventurous side.  Or you may prefer a round of golf, riding horseback, or dancing the night away.  Let us know what interests you and we’ll create a customized itinerary to suit just a few or an entire group.

We welcome your questions and look forward to fulfilling your requests!  Give us a call at 407-896-1476 or send us a note.

Cheers to the New Year and Gay Marriage in Orlando

Gay marriage in Orlando is now possible because earlier this week Florida became the 36th state to legalize gay marriage . . .

… And it was awesome to watch!  On January 6th, 2015 the world embraced and celebrated this news with us, as photos and videos from Orlando and beyond streamed throughout social media.  In cities all over the state of Florida, same sex couples flooded local courthouses to apply for marriage licenses. vowed and proud gay marriage orlando  In Orlando, dozens of couples participated in the “Vowed & Proud” wedding ceremony officiated by Mayor Buddy Dyer. (Congrats to all the newlyweds!)

Simply said: This makes me happy.

I’m happy for my friends and colleagues who can marry, if they choose to do so.  I’m happy for my past clients who now have the opportunity to legalize their wonderful and loving partnerships.  I’m happy that Florida is the 36th state (rather than the 46th state) to legalize gay marriage.

On a related note, I was honored to have the opportunity to share some personal thoughts and experiences with Paul Brinkmann for this business article in the Orlando Sentinel.

So, if you ask me 2015 is off to a phenomenal start!  Cheers!

Enchanted Garden Wedding | Isleworth Country Club, Florida

Saint James Cathedral (Orlando) and Isleworth Country Club (Windermere) – Florida Wedding

How exciting to see Elizabeth & Frank’s wedding published in the knot wedding magazine!

Liz and Frank exchanged vows at Saint James Cathedral and then enjoyed a wonderful, formal wedding reception at Isleworth Country Club.  The color palette for the wedding was soft and romantic: shades of ivory and white, complemented with greenery to create the feel of an ‘enchanted garden‘.  Market lights were added to enhance the illusion of being outdoors – as if in a courtyard.  knot-vitalic-aflairforaffairs-isleworth1

knot-vitalic-aflairforaffairs-isleworth2The couple is framed perfectly by their wedding party – bridesmaids in navy, groom and groomsmen in black.  

photo by Vitalic Studios

photo by Vitalic Studios

A center feasting table accommodated the bride, groom, and their immediate family.

Guests enjoyed a fabulous meal, a live band, photo booth, and late night snacks.

Isleworth Wedding French Garden theme

photo by Vitalic Studios


photo by Vitalic Studios

photo by Vitalic Studios

Multi-Cultural Wedding Published in Central Florida Bride

Karen & Prabh’s multi-cultural wedding was featured in the Summer/Fall 2013 issue of Central Florida Bride magazine!

It was very exciting to see Karen and Prabh’s Indian & American wedding in print! This well traveled couple selected Mission Inn Resort as the location for their rehearsal dinner & mehndi celebration, followed by their outdoor wedding ceremony and formal ballroom dinner reception on January 5, 2013.

as published in central florida bride magazine 2013

Their wedding colors were red, purple and gold.  The mehndi inspired cake was a work of art styled with hand-drawn golden scrollwork.   Bride Karen and Groom Prabh both changed attire between the ceremony and reception.

Indian American wedding at Mission Inn Resort

Claudia’s Quince featured in Occasions Florida Edition


Hot off the presses, this is a capture of Claudia’s Quince in the Premier Issue of Occasions® Florida Edition!

Quince Birthday Party

Featured in the Premier Issue of Occasions® Florida Edition

Claudia’s quinceanera was a fashion themed celebration! The perfect fit for a young client who loves designers, modeling, and of course, Lady Gaga!  Shades of pink offset by black and white created a dramatic yet feminine setting for a beautiful young lady and her friends and family. Planned and designed by A Flair for Affairs and Encore Creations, this birthday party was appropriate for both young and young at heart.

Guests enjoyed amazing performances of songs by Lady Gaga, comedic entertainment, plus cirque style acrobatics!

quince entertainment dancing party cirque performers

“Claudia’s Quince” produced by Encore Creations and A Flair for Affairs


Fairbanks Floral

My lovely friend Lana, owner of Fairbanks Florist is an extraordinary floral designer! I can always count on her to go above and beyond and give my clients the royal treatment.

She was so sweet to write me a wonderful letter of referral…

peacock feather fan bouquet

Original design by Lana Pelham-Faulkner

Without hesitation, I would recommend Elisa Delgardio to assist you with composing your next event!  She is the quintessential Event Planner who easily connects with her clients to create events that reflect their personality and style.  Through her years of experience, she brings savvy and creativity to the table, helping you sift through current and past industry trends.

Elisa has an undeniable authenticity, you can count on her integrity and you can always expect her beautiful smile to light your way, as she effortlessly assists you in planning your next event.  She is ahead of most where technology is concerned, she is well liked and well connected in the vendor arena and knows the importance of giving back to the community.

Elisa and I have designed several beautiful, flawless events together and I can assure you, that if you will only take a short peek, you will see how lucky you are to have Elisa at your side!

Lana Pelham-Faulkner
Fairbanks Florist

Thank you Lana! (I am still blushing…)

errol colon photographers

Many thanks to Errol Colon, my friend and Orlando based wedding and lifestyle photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on weddings, commitment ceremonies and special events. A number of his photos are featured on this site and I am so happy to be able to share them!

White Party by A Flair for Affairs | photos by errol colon

White Party | A Flair for Affairs | images by errol colon


White Party | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon

White Party | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon


New Years Eve Wedding | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon

New Years Eve Event | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon


Wedding | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon

Wedding Commitment | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon


Wedding Commitment | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon

Wedding Commitment | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon


Quince Event | A Flair for Affairs & Encore Creations | (c) errol colon

Quince Event | A Flair for Affairs & Encore Creations | (c) errol colon


Mod White table design

Mod White | A Flair for Affairs | (c) errol colon

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